Remembering The 2015 Irving Fishing Festival

I have attended several events in the past, and one of those that I can never forget is the 2015 Irving Fishing Festival. My father was a businessman who works hard so that he can support our family. Despite his busy schedule at the company, he never fails to give us enough time for bonding and relaxation.


My father is a hardworking individual, but he always knows how to prioritize the family. I have to say that his commitment to making us feel that he loves us is amazing. He usually spends the weekend doing something new with my mom and me. One of his favorite past times is fishing, which is why he became so excited when he received an invitation to attend the 2015 Irving Fishing Festival.


Since he wants to make us feel special, my dad decided to bring our family to the said event. I am glad that he did because it was during that time that I discovered how fun and exciting fishing is. I was not expecting to love it in the same way that my old man enjoyed it. Since that day, I made a promise to myself that if ever I get to have my son in the future, I will make sure that I will introduce fishing to him.


Fifteen years later, I got married and started my own family. Just like my father, I also make an effort to make my family feel that they are always the number one priority. One of the activities that I enjoy doing with my child is fishing. Even at his young age, I already gave him an opportunity to learn the different techniques that are essential for a successful fishing expedition or adventure.


As I look back to the 2015 Irving fishing festival, I could not help myself but smile. It was indeed something to remember for a lifetime.


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