The Different Techniques Of Fishing


We can catch fish in several ways. We can use our hands, or we can shoot a spear through it. We can also trap it in a net, use a hook and bait, or throw dynamite to the sea or lake, although this is not recommended. Aside from the connection of fishing and mental health, fishing has been a livelihood and a way of life for thousands of years, which is why people had so much time inventing different ways to catch fish.

Let’s go over some of the types and techniques of fishing – some of which we don’t see now, and some of the more popular methods that are still around.


Spear Fishing is a technique that uses ordinary spear to catch fish. For this, spears also have other alternatives such as tridents, arrows, spear guns, harpoons, and Hawaiian slings.


Noodling is a ‘hands-on’ type of method that was practiced in Southern America. Hands-on means sticking the hands inside a catfish hole to get a hold of the fish.


Netting, which the name implies, is a technique in fishing that utilizes fishing nets. There are also different kinds of nets depending on the type of fish to be caught. The gillnet has floats and weights and is positioned vertically in the water to catch fish that pass through it. The cast net, on the other hand, is a smaller net that has weights on its corners. Lastly, the trawl net is a large conical net that is dragged by ships.


Angling is fishing with the use of a hook or angle, rod, and a line. Bait is placed on the hook to lure the fish towards it. Sinkers are sometimes attached to the hook.


Fly Fishing is fishing using baits such as flies to lure the fish. The hooks are attached to specialized fly lines and fly rods, and the flies are artificially made in a range of colors and shapes.


Bottom Fishing is an angling method using heavy weights placed at the bottom of the water, where specific fish that live there are the target of the fishing technique. Bottom fishing can be done on land or aboard a boat.


Trapping is a technique that uses traps like baskets that are made from tree branches. The fish can get inside through the mouth of the basket but cannot exit or go through it. These kinds of fish traps are like the lobster traps, only that they have smaller holes with more compartments. Another trap used in this technique is the fishing weir, a huge trap made from fences and wood. It is immersed in the water to allow the fish to enter into its compartments without any viable exit.


Ice Fishing is a seasonal type of fishing. Of course, it is done only during the winter season, when the ice is hardened. The angler cracks a hole through the ice, and he fishes from there.


Flounder Trampingis specifically has seen in Palnackie, a Scottish village. During August, people join a contest in catching flounders by stomping on them.


Kite Fishing is a technique that uses kites to carry the fish hooks and the lines to the areas that are difficult to reach. This is an old method invented by the Chinese and continues to be used in the Pacific Islands and New Guinea.


Fishing From A Float Tube is a method of fishing from very small inflatable boats. This is usually used for fly-fishing.


Cormorant Fishing a technique that was practiced by the Chinese and Japanese anglers since the 14th century. Trained cormorant birds are used to catch the fish and rings are placed on their necks to prevent them from swallowing the fish that they catch.



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