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Why should you book with Thai Fishing Guide?

The answer is pretty simple!

Boat owners often tend to inform potential clients that their boat
is the best boat in the area. This is often explained with terms like
“Best Catching”, “Most Professional”, “Fastest Boat”
or the well-known “Best Value For Money” reasons.

Understanding that boat owners are trying to make a profit,
it is normal that they emphasize the most outstanding feature of their operation.

Thai Fishing Guide looks at the combined ‘package’ the owner offers.
Then we match that to the expectations of the client in terms of budget,
target species, duration of the trip and services provided.

Agents always look at their potential profit, before recommending a boat.
Agents are not fishermen; they are ‘booking’ agents or ‘tour’ operators.
They make a living on commissions alone. Most have no vested interest
in whether or not your have a good trip. They collect their commission
and sell to the next customer.

Most ‘agents’ have never been on a boat much less spent days on them fishing.
Oh, yeah there is the occasional ‘dinner’ cruise
where the agents are catered to left and right.

They never get to see how the boat ‘works’ or if the crew is capable
or the skipper knows where the fish are.

Well, as the name implies Thai Fishing Guide are not only an agent,
but a guiding bureau that will send a guide with you on your trip.

We know from first hand experience, every boat and boat owner operating in this region.
We know how they employ their crews, we know which crews are best at specific tasks.
We know which captains are most likely to find fish. In short
we know each member of the crews personally,
having spent many days on the water with them in the past.

We are not boat-owners, and can therefore talk freely
about all the available boats in our area.

We have the personal experiences necessary to match your expectations
to the appropriate boat and crew. You want a day out with buddies having a few beers
and enjoying the fishing all at very low cost on a local boat? Can do!

Do you want a luxury sport fishing experience aboard a modern,
air-conditioned boat with all the latest gizmos on board? Can do!

Our goal is always to meet YOUR expectations
using our extensive knowledge of the local area
and the input you have provided us.