Where To Eat The Best Seafood Cuisine In Phuket


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Visiting Phuket, Thailand won’t be complete without having a taste of their seafood extravaganza. The island is not only known for its beautiful beaches but also for the rich marine life that has tourists and locals appreciate seafood more and eating the likes of giant prawns, crabs, and sweet shrimps should never be missed while you’re in this colorful island.

Below is a list of some popular seafood restaurants in Phuket that you out to try. Some are located in beachfront and romantic venues while others are nestled on mangrove swamps but surprisingly have the best of what Phuket has to offer.

Popular Seafood Restaurants In Phuket

  • Kan Eang@Pier. This restaurant has been operating for years and is known for its delicious seafood, laid-back atmosphere, and a scenic view of the Chalong Bay. You won’t miss it if you walk along the bay, with its stylish look of wooden dining tables and red umbrellas. Their bestsellers are the deep-fried weeds with shrimps and baked lobster topped with butter and garlic. To top it off, you can match your dinner with a classy, sweet red wine that you can get from the Wine Connection just within the premises.
  • Bang Mud Seafood Floating Restaurant. One has to ride a long tail boat from the pier to Bang Mud, one of the famed floating diners on Coconut Island. A lot of people prefer to come here when they want peace, plus delectable seafood cuisine. Many raves over the tourist and local favorites, such as the stir-fried morning glory in oyster sauce, steamed squid, soft shell crabs, and blue crabs.
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  • Laem Hin Seafood. This restaurant usually packed with tourists and locals who dine in groups, where they love to stay at the wooden patio. The staff is used to cooking big dinners and offers a wide variety of recipes on their menu. The spicy seafood salad, prawn omelet, spicy fish with herbs, and steamed fish curry are among the classic favorites. You can drop by after your tour around Phuket Town.
  • Mor Mu Dong. This restaurant is not very easy to find, so you better search Google ahead so you won’t be wasting time looking for this hidden jewel. Get ready for a real Thai gastronomical treat as you make way for this renowned diner. Food writers have provided positive reviews about their kaeng prik kradok moo or spicy pork curry, sea bass in plum dressing, stuff fish, or the moo kua klua or the pork belly. Andrew Zimmerman has visited the place and couldn’t say enough accolades about it.
  • Pak Nam Seafood. Located at the northern side of Phuket Town, Pak Nam Seafood is always full-packed, despite the large area. It’s comfortable with an air-conditioned indoor space and a relaxing outdoor area with a view of the lush greens. Try their baked mussels and king prawns, crab curry with rice vermicelli and tom yum talay so you’ll know why the Pak Nam is one of Phuket’s best.
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  • Thanoon Seafood Restaurant. Away from the city crowd, this diner showcases the Phang Nga province where it is conveniently located. People go early to get the best seats, which are those that are arranged at the beachside. While waiting for the sun to set, treat yourselves with their super delicious oysters with chili and garlic, geng som or orange curry, authentic Thai salad with prawns, and prawn cakes.
  • Pan Yaah. Here’s one for the romantic couples and sundowners. Located right along the beach, the Pan Yaah is the perfect location to have dinner with a view of the Patong Bay. Their all-time favorites are the hor mok kanom kro or fish baked in a clay pot and the goon gob woonsen or rice vermicelli with prawns.

If you think after reading this, you’ll have a difficult time deciding where to go, then stay longer in Phuket so you’ll get to try all the restaurants on the list. You’ll never regret it!

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